Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Take a ROFL break (1)

I know we all need a break from books once in a while, so I am starting a new little...thing, It is pretty much to make you laugh, you know? So yeah, don't rage on me, because for the record I do like Twilight and ADORE Robert Pattinson, mostly for his role in How To Be, but that's besides the point. So, do not despair my fellow Twilight fans, I don't hate the books.

THIS IS PART OF A POST YOU CAN FIND HERE. This portion of the post is talking about Robert Pattinson and his unaware-ness of the Twilight fandom.

Unaware of the popularity of the book series or the insanity of its fanbase, the young actor signed on to play Edward Cullen in a three-movie contract deal in order to hit on to the lead actress. When he found out his mistake, Pattinson took to insulting the book and its author in interviews and appearing in public after long periods of not showering in order to avoid his fans. Of course, this didn't work. There is widespread speculation as to what Pattinson will try next, including possibly gaining 200 pounds and smearing his face with human excrement. We assume that Pattinson's agents are currently negotiating a deviation from the book in the second movie, in which Edward Cullen is unexpectedly killed by Lord Voldemort.

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