Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fade by Lisa McMann

Janie Hannagan is a dream catcher. She gets sucked into peoples dreams and witnesses them like they are her own. Janie has just helped Captain and her boyfriend Cabel Strumheller crack the big drug bust of fellow senior Shay Wilder's father. Now Captain wants Janie to be a narc at her high school full time.

Captain has just given Janie and Cabel a new case. To find a sexual predator lurking in the school. But what Janie finds out and what she must do are a little more than she bargained for. Aside from college and Cabel's weird attitude, Janie must become the bait for the sexual predator, who happens to be a little closer to home than Janie expected.

And what about Martha Stubin? Janie finds out things about her ability to dream catch that she wishes she didn't know about at all. Although she learns great things about her power, she may end up wishing she neer had it all.

Fade is the sequal to Wake, so if you haven't read Wake, I suggest you read it before you pick up Fade, otherwise the plot will be a confusing to follow and certain characters signifigance will not make sense.

I was much more impressed with Fade then I was with Wake. I think it is because I have a better understanding of what I read now that I have really started to get back into reading these past few months. I really think that Fade had a better and more focused plotline then Wake. With Wake there was a lot of stuff going on and the ending didn't really fit with the story, but with Fade it was always clear what was going on and there was a definite main plot.

I thought the characters were also more defined as well. You really got to see what Cable and Janie were going through as opposed to "Janie talked. Cabel was silent." sort of thing. Janie was so much more dynamic and she became very independant, strong, and mature. I loved that Cabel and Janies relationship also progressed to the point where I began to see them as a real couple, despite what they were going through. And Janie got a sense of humour! I loved her witty comments, it was a welcomed refresher from her seriousness.

Overall I thought Fade was a great book, and one of the few books that I have read were the sequal is better than the original. The plot was original, the characters were believable and overall I began to think that there really are people out there like Janie.

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